Penguins and Pie

So I have this awesome friend, his name is Clay Rudolph. I met Clay when I started working for Wal*Mart four years ago. Ever since then we’ve had a lot of fun getting to know each other. I absolutely adore his family! He has two younger siblings who like to harassed him. I have had many a wonderful chats with his parents. Aunt Penny and tater have also always made me smile =)

For my birthday Clay made me a penguin. Clay is very good woodworker. Penguins are my favorite animal and he even taught me how to use a scroll saw. I am very amazed he trusted me with it. He let me cut out one side of the penguin and you can guess what happened…. he is missing part of his head. It took awhile but he finally finished Banigno, that’s his name, by painting him.

I absolutely love my penguin. I got Clay a squirrel when I was in DC that hangs from his rear view mirror. I thought it was very fitting that Banigno is hanging from mine.

I promised Clay’s little brother Chance that I would make him a pie. And of course he requests a lemon pie, which I have never made before. I decide to try and make it from scratch. It was quite the experience. The pie crust went perfectly. I added a little braid to my families traditional crust and it turned out very well. The filling look fined but actually didn’t set when we cut it. The meringue will haunt me for the REST OF MY LIFE!!! It took me three different tries to get it right, it was also one o’clock in the morning. Third time was the charm. The pie looked awesome when it was finished. Over night something happened and by the morning the meringue had shrunk. =( This was very disappointing. Chance was still very excited though. Another disappointment happened when Clay cut into it and it was soup. The pie tasted awesome but didn’t set up. They were good sports about it, but it was very scaring. I will not be defeated by lemon pie. It is so on.


3 thoughts on “Penguins and Pie

  1. When you bake, you tackle the big dogs! I have never made a lemon meringue pie in my life. I would probably buy the canned lemon filling and dump it in the crust. And meringue can just go die.

    I love your penguin. I actually have a picture of it on my phone. 🙂 Clay is very talented.

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