A day in Jay, America

My mom grew up much differently than I did. Yes it was a different time period but it is more than that. She likes to visit home as often as she can and yesterday was one of those opportunities. We headed towards Jay, Oklahoma to visit family. It takes about an hour to get there and it is a pretty drive. My favorite place to sleep is while riding in the car on a sunny day, so it was perfect for me. We headed for the church where my Aunt Delores goes. It is called Round Springs Baptist. It is a little Indian church where they still sing old Cherokee Hymns and the preacher gives his sermon in Cherokee and English. I know that my mom loves going back to little Cherokee churches, I think it reminds her of the one she grew up in.

4s.3.19.12 1207       4s.3.19.12 1209     4s.3.19.12 1208

After church there was a dinner. They cooked hog meat, chicken and dumplings, biscuits, fried taters, and all the fixings to go with. It was my little cousin Corey’s Birthday Saturday so we had a cake for her. My mom has three great nieces and nephews, Alex, Corey, and Curry. Corey turned the big 6!

4s.3.19.12 1215     4s.3.19.12 1218     4s.3.19.12 1220

It was good to go back home with my mom. It is such a different place. The atmosphere is just different. It is slow paced and less judgmental than the rest of the world. Time just moves slower there. At lunch you can hear the people speaking Cherokee to their friends. This is where Cherokee lives, in these people’s hearts. Cherokee has to be useful in order to be saved and its good to know that it is still important to some people. Little Indian churches like that like to get together and have gospel singing. The next on is on April 7 at my mom’s home church, Piney. I think we will go. 

4s.3.19.12 1228

This is Corey and her birthday cake!

4s.3.19.12 1235

This is the syllabary and body part chart in the dining hall. In Cherokee we have a syllabary instead of an alphabet. That means that one of our characters represent a syllable. for example Ꮡ represents the syllable “su”. English has 26 letters, Cherokee has over 80!

4s.3.19.12 1237

My mom, her niece, and great nieces. (normally she never gets to be in the picture because she’s taking it)

4s.3.19.12 1239

My mom and Corey.

4s.3.19.12 1229 

My Cousin Micah and my Aunt Delores.

4s.3.19.12 1240

These are the “babies” as my mom calls them.

4s.3.19.12 1241

My mom and her sister.

4s.3.19.12 1242

This is me and my cousin Curry.

4s.3.19.12 1243

We had to stop and get gas and use the restroom. This is the sign over the toilet. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. =)


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