Is this a pet peeve…?

So first of all I want to let the world know that I do use some of these acronyms, so that makes my mildly hypocritical…

With that being said, I personally believe that these abbreviations have gotten way of out CONTROL! Here is a list of abbreviations that I will be discussing in this blog:

  1. lol
  2. brb
  3. l8r
  4. ily
  5. jk
  6. k
  7. rofl
  8. lmao
  9. js
  10. smh
  11. tbh
  12. yolo

**INSTRUCTIONS on how to read this blog: if an acronym is in “” I am taking about that specific acronym. If the acronym appears outside of “” use meaning of the acronym.**

Lets just get this massacre started. “LOL”… I am guilty of overusing this phrase. I “laugh out loud” way to much. I just feel like people should know my emotions when we are texting.

“BRB”- I never used this phrase… It means “be right back” I’m pretty sure it came about when chatting online was popular before texting boomed. I feel like this phrase is useless. I mean the person will realize your no longer at the computer when you don’t respond. And what could you have to leave the computer for, the bathroom? I really do not need to know when you use the facilities. If I cant be okay for a few minutes on chat without the other person responding… I think there are bigger issues we need to address. This phrase can also be used when your chatting with someone you don’t really want to be chatting with. This allows you to “remain online” and secretly avoid conversation. This is probably one I feel should just go away…

“L8R”… what to say about this phrase. I never used this one and I’m unsure if people are still using it. Somewhere down the road someone got confused… But do not worry! I am here to clarify: letters are used for spelling words and numbers are used to count! just saying….

“ily”- This one stands for “I love you”. I really have no problem with this one. I was just confused the first time I saw it and have never really gotten over the hurt it caused my ego… lol (<- is that tacky?)

“JK”- I am guilty of using this, but not as much as “lol”. “JK” is really a cover up for something that you want to say but is not socially acceptable. Its like how in the south if you precede a statement with “bless his heart” you can say anything you want about a person.

“k”- I believe that this little abbreviation shows just how lazy we are. The original word is “okay”, but we shorten it to “ok”, but NO that’s still too long thus the single letter “k”. I cannot claim the witty intelligence that came up with the next statement but it makes me smile so I had to share it with you =) “K? K what? K the letter before L,the letter after J? Did you know that in JK, K stands for “Kidding”. So your reply is “Kidding?” Or K as in Potassium? Do you need some Special K breakfast? K, as in I can K/O you? Can I knock you out and feed you to hungry sharks? Sharks has a K in it.” Nuff said!

The next two, “rofl” and “lmao”, I will lump together. Maybe I should have done one giant number on laughing techniques, any who… rolling on the floor laughing. When I see this I just want to respond “ARE YOU!?! Man I must be really funny to make you want to ‘roll on the floor’ maybe I should be a comedian.” Then there is the other one which I will not spell because my grandparents read my blog, hi <3. I will just say that if you ever laugh so hard that body parts start to fall off you should probably seek medical attention… just saying.

With that being said (just saying) let me introduce you to my favorite abbreviation! “js”= just saying. I don’t think anyone actually uses this besides me, I could be wrong, but my friend B’Mer started saying it and it’s just so catchy… I know I’m a hypocrite.

All of the previous entries have been fairly old abbreviations. The next three are newer on the lingo scene. First we have “smh”. I had NO IDEA what this meant! It was extremely frustrating to see everyone saying smh all the time. (right now you should be envisioning me pulling at my hair saying “what does that mean” hey that could be a new abbreviation… wdtm js) Just so you know it means “shaking my head” Like I need to see you disapproving?

The second newbie is “tbh”… you can read the previous tidbit and just substitute smh for tbh. This one means “to be honest”. When I saw this I was all like “are you normally not honest…? you’ve been lying this whole time, I’m confused.” Both “smh” and “tbh” have a special place with “ily”. They all confused me, thus I hate them. lol (<- still too tacky?)

Last but not least we have “YOLO” this has been making its debut on social media. I will not digress on this blog about how so many people, regardless of age, are putting UNESSICARY AND INAPPROPRIATE things all over the web. “YOLO” stands for “you only live once”. This statement may be true, but I think people are getting the wrong idea. Since we only live once we should respect ourselves and live a good, meaningful life. Instead you see all these crazy people doing DUMB stuff and slapping YOLO on the picture. I mean come on, this is like another excuse phrase “I know I shouldn’t be doing this but if I say YOLO everything is magically ok”… uh no, it’s not. People shouldn’t be out there trying to catch “diseases” like their Ash on Pokémon (gotta catch ‘em all!… ew) YOLO so please take care of these things:your heart, your body, and your mind… you can’t get these things back in the same condition you gave them in.


whew! that was a massacre… I just tore those acronyms to pieces. If you use these I will not “unfriend” you or ignore you… I use them too, well some of them. They are kind of like a black hole, they just suck you in…

so I hope you enjoyed this blog as much as I did lol. BRB. ok I’m back… just wanted to say l8R. ily for reading my blog ❤ jk you might be a total stranger, and that’d be weird js. I hope during parts of this you thought to yourself  rofl and lmao (hopefully your floor was clean and you’ve reattached all fallen off body parts). Tbh I’m smh at this last blurb but I had to. YOLO


2 thoughts on “Is this a pet peeve…?

    How clever you are!!!!!!

    “K as in Potassium’
    The “K” spill. lol. Kills me everytime.

    I too HATE TBH. I see this all the time. People will just randomly add it to phrases and I’m like “WHA??????”

    This is so awesome. So funny and smart. You know what you should massacre next??? Emoticons. 😀 lol

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