So whenever I get bored my crafty side kicks in. I don’t know why but I come up with all these good ideas. Keep in mind if I just want to be crafty it never comes out right. Somehow boredom is the secret ingredient for me.
Today my dad and I rode our bicycles to church, and then to lunch. After we had to run to Lowe’s to pick up some supplies for his projects. As I was browsing around I found a sale rack with bath accessories. I will be moving back into an apartment style room so I decided to start “decorating” now. I found these two items

Now they weren’t super cheap but I just had to have them, plus I have a good daddy who bought them for me =)
Next we went to Walmart. Here I picked up letter stickers, square jewels, and children’s pearl beads in the craft supplies section.

This was a short fun project that did not take long at all. The first piece I worked on was the cylinder container. This will be my makeup brush holder.

The first thing I did was add stickers. I chose black foam stickers to add some depth to the container. I wanted silver but I couldn’t find any at the store. I ended up with black, but now I’m glad because it’s a great contrast with all the silver add ons.

I also purchased some square jewels. I thought they were individual ones but it turns out they are all connected on a sticky strip. This made things very easy and not time consuming.

I got some pearls to put in the bottom of the container. This just helps hold the brushes in place. The pearls I got are not fancy, just children’s craft beads.

Next I did the soap/lotion container. This was basically the same process.



This is the finished product. Unfortunately the people the created the soap/lotion container decided to label then container. This clashed with my black letters so I had to fix it

I decided to add a silver trim. I simply glued it on with tacky glue. I really like how this project went. After taking a picture I decided I need a back drop to really see the letters.


Just in case you wanted to see some before and after pictures I added those too!




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