Day 3, first ride

We were stormed on last night and this put a damper on our riding plans. We were originally suppose to ride out from New Echota. However we took some tours of local sites until the weather cleared up and we were near the Vann house.

So we saddled up and got ready for the thirty miles ride to Red Clay. The ride had a few small hills. When I ride on hills, I just slow it down and truck along at my own slow pace. It’s how I can keep going up the hills. Riding into Red Clay was a wonderful sense of accomplishment, Day 1 was complete!

This is my noble stead and the AMAZING computer my daddy got for me <;3


After a long day the EBCI riders decided to relax =)

The awesome thing about Red Clay is the ice cold blue hole. It’s spring fed a treasure. This is me and my little buddy Budder

Tomorrow we ride 55 miles. Night


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