Day two on the bike

Today we started our ride at Rattlesnake springs.

This is the site where many Cherokees were camped before the removal began. Our ride was forty miles today with one very INTENSE hill. I honestly didn’t think I was going to make up the hill… But I had to decide what was more important: what was behind me, in front if me, or what’s inside. I just kept telling myself “getting off your bike is NOT an option”… And you know what? I MADE IT! I had such a sense if accomplishment. I gave it my all, took a slow steady pace and achieved my goal.
This is me after the hill:

We then ride to The Tennessee river where we had lunch, very delicious. And we’re Ferried across the river just like our ancestors.

This is Clay and I at the huge map showing the routes of the trail

I also pulled a muscle in my left calf so were watching it closely. Today was day two of riding and a hard one at that. However day three makes or breaks you. It is when a bicyclist faces the Cumberland gap. GETTING OFF MY BIKE IS NOT AN OPTION! I will conquer this mountain just like I’d eat an elephant: one bite at a time.


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