3 of 17

I learned something today:
The biggest mountain, regardless of actual size, is the one in front of you. It is big because we make it bigger than it is in our minds. Any mountain behind you is small because you made it up and over.
Today I faced the biggest mountain I have ever faced, literally and mentally. I rode over the Cumberland gap and I am proud to say I rode the WHOLE way. I did have to stop to take breaks, but I didn’t walk up any of it. when I made it up the first hill I was greeted by a victory lane of the other riders. The first hill was long. But it’s one pedal at a time. Taylor has been awesome and has been keeping me motivated. Last night he gave me some very good advice: rule #1 don’t sweat the little stuff, rule #2 everything is little stuff. When I got to the top another one of my motivators was there, Jeremy. When I was talking to him I said I didn’t feel different, I felt that I would look in the mirror and see someone different. I actually did look in the mirror at the little convenient store and you know what there was a different girl looking back at me. Making it up Cumberland is my greatest accomplishment. At the top there are always people there to high five you or give you a fist bump you, and then there’s the people that come up to you and wrap you in a hug. Today at the top at fall creek falls Taylor came up to me and gave me the fist bump then gave me a hug… That just made my heart smile. It is great knowing people believe in you. It made me start to tear up and when Sarah hugged me I thought I was gonna lose it. The riders did awesome today, we all conquered the Cumberland gap. We can do ANYTHING! And I just wanna give recognition to my buddy Keaton he’s stuck by my side and always believed in me, thanks for being there when I needed it most. ❤



One thought on “3 of 17

  1. So proud of you Danielle. This is such an inspirational post too. Very intelligent and insightful. Your words can make a person feel like they can do anything!!!
    It’s wonderful that you are surrounded by such a good support system.
    I’m so excited for you!!!!! 🙂

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