So, Danielle

“If you don’t want someone to get your goat, don’t tell em where it’s tied.”
I unfortunately led Jeremy straight to my goat. I made the mistake of letting him know my weakness with scary stuff. Now he says “so, Danielle” and tells me scary stuff or shows me pictures of scary clowns…

Today we rode 50 miles and finally made it into Kentucky. I realized that I have told you the name of the ride I’m on but not the background. So in the next few days I’ll be doing a blog dedicated to the purpose of the ride and the gear I use. But for tonight I’m going to share my thought of the day. We rode through Cooperstown today and were welcomed by the mayor. We witness an unveiling of a trail of tears marker. The reception was wonderful and the sign will help people NEVER FORGET!

Philosophical thoughts come to me while riding across America, and here’s todays. Strength does not give you determination but determination will lead to strength. I say this because you can be the most physically fit person and not be determined to do anything. However, If your determined to do you something you will find your inner strength and your determination will lead to physical strength. I am determined to remember the removal.
Tomorrow is our longest day, 75 miles.




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