Hi my name is Danielle

“Hi, my name is Danielle and I rode 75 miles today.”
I have never been able to say that. Today was a long and hard day. We rode 75 miles from Kentucky to Illinois. The first fifty was mostly flat, then outta no where all these hills pop up. They were pretty intense. Whenever I go up a hill I count how many pedals it takes me to help me think about other stuff. The hills today took 300 pedals and were STEEP. I thought it felt harder than the Cumberland gap but that’s just me. This is the farthest I have ever ridden at one time. When the day was done we stopped at Mantle rock. It is the largest freestanding arch east of the Mississippi. It was an amazing sight to see. Today really took it out of me and tomorrow is a short day. Than on Tuesday we get our first rest day!



3 thoughts on “Hi my name is Danielle

  1. Proud of you. Praying for strength for you, physically and mentally. You’re doing an amazing thing and I know you’ll never be the same girl as you were when you left. Every pedal, every day, brings you closer to believing more and more in yourself and that you can do the things that seem impossible. This adventure is only the beginning. Dream BIG.

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