I am a crafty person. I really like making things instead of buying them. I think this is because my mom is a good seamstress. I have dresses she made for me when I was little. She clothed me and my barbies in play clothes in my early years. When I started competing for native titles she took up making tear dresses. Tear dresses are the official outfit for Cherokee women. These dresses are time consuming to make and are always hand made. I am very lucky to have my mom who made my dresses. I have many different dresses instead of just a few like most other girls.
Ive had some more time on my hands and lately I have started beading more and more. I have a few projects that I have had going for awhile like this Choctaw collar necklace:

This is not even half way done. The pattern continues all the way around the full necklace. This will take me about ten to twelve hours to complete.
A friend from NSU taught me to make these. Even though I’m not Choctaw I love this style. When it’s finished and spread out it is breathtaking.
My friend Jackie is home from Dartmouth and taught me how to do the peyote stitch. It is the stitch that is used to go around round objects like lighters, walking canes, and lanyards. I used this to bead my graduation tassel and my feather. The feather was a gift from the Stroud family to wear at my graduation.


Both of these went on my graduation cap which was beaded by one of my very good friends Isaiah Soap. He does beautiful work and I loved my cap. It was simple and elegant, just what I wanted. Isaiah is the guy on the right of me, Nicolette is on my left. We looked very native that day 😊


I am working on a beaded flap for some pucker toes moccasins. That is a simple flat stitch. Pucker toes are traditional Cherokee attire. I love making these moccasins.

In a Native American arts and crafts class I made my first medallion. it’s the seven pointed star, which is very important to the Cherokee. The number seven shows up in many different places in our culture.

Finally I want to show you the earrings I made tonight. If you want a pair I’m definitely in business!


I love my bead box! This is where i keep all my supplies. In there are needles, string, an many different kinds of beads. All the pretty colors make me happy. 😍

Since I graduated I think I will have more time to bead, and I think I will like that. I have a necklace in mind that I want to start and I think it will turn out pretty keen!


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