Pay It Forward

PAY IT FORWARD!!! One of my Facebook friends did a post about “paying it forward”. Basically you post a status and wait for five people to comment on your post. They will then receive a homemade gift from you sometime in 2013! I upped mine to ten and said that a “repost” was not necessary. One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is obligatory reposting, for any reason!

To date I have not gotten ten comments on my post. I only entrapped 7 people in my gift trap. But I am very excited to pay it forward this year. My seven so far are: Jackie, Noah, Brooke, Patrick, Suzie, Aarika, and Isaiah.

For my first gift I made a medallion. I have a friend named Noah and he’s been begging me to make home something. So I made him an OU medallion to rock! I have only made one medallion before and I used a round technique. You can see my seven pointed star in my last post about beading. This time I used a different technique because of the design I needed to make. The medallion itself is pretty large. I used two colors on the medallion: red and white. The beads I used are seed beads. The red ones are a very shiny brilliant red. The white is more pearly, but not too girly.

I started by making the OU symbol and filling it in.


I was really worried after filling in the letters because it did not look as nice as I had hoped. After you start to put more beads it does start to pull together though. Then it was time fr the red… ALL the red…


Then came the filling in of the circle. This took a Looooooooooooooooong time.




So close…

And then… It was done! Almost…

For those of you non-beaders out there the bead strings take a long time to put on. This is what the back of the medallion looks like:

It is an intense process. After I was finished with the beading I attached a leather back and a string of bigger black beads. This is me and the finished product!

Now this medallion is not for me, it’s for Noah. So I met up with Noah and his lovely girlfriend Madison yesterday at Braums. We had ice cream, talked, and then did the gift giving! He was so excited to get his medallion. He said “IT’S PERFECT!” I really like to make people happy and seeing his face when I gave it to him was just magical! The first of my “paying it forward” went really well. I can’t wait for my next gifts!



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